In order to make sure you are safely using UNIBOX device, we are suggesting the following:

  1. Should you experience trouble operating the device and it does not work, please visit for support.
  2. Do not take apart the device, do not flash non UNIBOX firmware, do not operate under abnormal currents.
  3. Keep device away from liquids, humidity, or moisture. Operate device only within temperature range of OC to 35C.
  4. The product contains hazardous voltage levels in parts.
  5. Sharp edges and corners of the product, please handle with care.
  6. Never turn the device on in case of fire, or structural damage
  7. Product to be placed away from amplifiers, stoves, radiators.
  8. Use this product with its original accessories and equipment.
  9. Do not attempt to do any electrical and structural changes on the device.
  10. Operate the unit with its original AC adapter.
  11. Do not expose the unit to any gases.

This is an electronic equipment and should be always operated by an adult or supervised by an adult in cases where children are present. Do not allow children to play with the electronic product or equipment.


Monthly, unplug device and clean with soft cloth. Do not use soap or harsh cleaning agents.