Congrats for advancing further in your UNIBOX Journey. In order to start using your device you will need the following:

  • TV/Monitor supporting HDMI connection (HDCP compatible)
  • HDMI 2.0 cable and Power Adapter which both came in the original packaging
  • An Internet connection utilizing either Ethernet or Wi-Fi  to connect to your home/office network
  • A Google/Youtube/Gmail or Google+ account in order to access Google content


Please follow the information carefully bellow in order to connect UNIBOX to your TV/Monitor set.

Connect your UNIBOX to a power outlet using the power cord provided.

  • Take the one end of the power cable that is going to the “power” plug at the back of UNIBOX and plug it in. Take the other side of the power cable and plug it into your power outlet. You should be able to see a blue light indicator at the front of UNIBOX indicating the power has been turned on.

Connect your UNIBOX to your TV/Monitor with a provided HDMI 2.0 cable.

  • Please make sure your TV/Monitor has been turned off before connecting the HDMI cable to UNIBOX. Carefully take one end of the cable and insert into “HDMI” port at the back of UNIBOX device. Take the other end of the HDMI cable and plug it into “HDMI” port on the back or side of your TV/Monitor.

Turn on your TV/Monitor and change to correct input where UNIBOX has been plugged-in.



Once you have unpacked your Gamepad from its package you will need to pair it via Bluetooth with UNIBOX. Please navigate from the main “HOME” screen of UNIBOX down to “Settings”. Please hold down the “A” button and “Home” button simultaneously for 2 seconds on the Gamepad, the “Home” button will start flashing in green. It means that the controller is ready to be connected to UNIBOX. Please continue scrolling down in the ‘Settings” area to “Add Accessories” under Bluetooth section and click “Ok” on your remote control. Your Gamepad should be now connected and the green light on“Home” button will stay on. indicating a successful connection.



Your remote control is automatically installed as soon as you turn on your UNIBOX. The USB-dongle which resides in one of the USB ports has to remain at all times in order for the remote control to function properly.
The remote control features D-Pad traditional navigation as well as Air Mouse Gyro feature which can be turned on/off by simply pressing the “arrow” button located at the bottom centre location of the remote control.



UNIBOX operates on a customized version of AndroidTV Operating System.
Once your device loads up it enters into the “HOME” screen of AndroidTV System. From there the home screen is divided into 4 distinct rows a follows: RECOMMENDATIONS, APPLICATIONS, GAMES, SETINGS. Please refer to the photo below.

Voice Assist

Voice Assist at the very top of the screen (search icon) is utilized for initiating Voice searches across the internet as well as loading installed apps and games on the UNIBOX device. To start Voice Search, just click on the search icon by pressing “OK” on your remote and when asked hold the “MIC” button while speaking into the remote control.


A. Recommendations

At the very top of the “HOME” screen is a section called “Recommendations”. The Recommendations section features latest content for shows, movies, apps, music, games installed on UNIBOX. The content updates are tailored towards viewer’s genres watched and searched.

Sometimes recommendations can change due to being signed into other device(s) i.e. Google Play apps. At that point you won’t be able to manually alter recommendations. Recommendations can be turned off however by navigating from the “HOME” menu and scrolling down to “Settings” and then “Home Screen” > Recommendations.


B. Apps

Applications section lies below “Recommendations” and can be manually ordered by holding “OK” button on the remote control and selecting on the app and moving it to a preferred location. You can configure sorting by navigating from “HOME” menu and scrolling down to “settings” and then “Home Screen” > Apps and games row.


C. Games

Games section appears below Apps row (third row). In this section you will find an assortment of various installed Android Games as well as applications for Streaming PC games, playing Steam, and Retro games.


D. Settings

Settings section at the very bottom of the “HOME” screen is a section to control overall UNIBOX device settings. Gamepad settings to configure for gaming, and browsing of non-AndroidTV apps (“more apps” button).